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SPARQL for UniProt

Last modified May 25, 2018

SPARQL is a W3C standardized query language for the Semantic Web. If you know SQL, it will look familiar to you and you can do similar types of queries with it. SPARQL also allows you to query and combine data from a variety of SPARQL endpoints, providing a valuable low-cost alternative to building your own data warehouse. You can combine UniProt data from with that from the SPARQL endpoints hosted by the EBI's RDF platform, the SIB's neXtProt SPARQL endpoint, etc.

The UniProt SPARQL endpoint is free to use. It is updated in sync with the and ftp releases. As for all programmatic access, please consider to provide a contact email address as part of the User-Agent header that your programs set. This will allow us to contact you in case of problems (see our privacy notice).

Documentation about the data in the UniProt SPARQL endpoint is available here. We use standard and community supported vocabularies (Dublin core, SKOS, etc.) where possible to extend our own UniProt core vocabulary.

UniProt is an ELIXIR core data resource
Main funding by: National Institutes of Health

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